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Take your typing to the next level for free

Getting your ideas from your head onto the screen can be challenging, particularly if, like most people, you've never learned to type. TypingMaster gets rid of this frustration by helping you to train and improve your typing speed and accuracy. This educational software contains hours of typing lessons plus an analysis widget that you can use to assess your typing in other applications. Personalized feedback and training recommendations get you working on the particular areas where you need to improve.

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  • Bhaskar Rathod

    by Bhaskar Rathod

    super but not installing. who know how to install it those can help me to install it.

  • by Anonymous

    I will be able train the MR person in less than a month at Abhayajyothi. Today came to know about 7. Word of mouth made me to browsing and searching.

  • Roza Vardaxis

    by Roza Vardaxis

    Yeah. I can. I love typing. I love typing because I love to type. I feel Rainbow. I am a good typer. Pros: I love typing test.

  • Abdul Salam

    by Abdul Salam

    Typing Master is Best Software for the Typing. I could not imagine that I could able to type 35wpm without looking the keyboard.When I was learning this software I spent at an average 2 hours for 6 months to achieved the same speed.Nothing is impossible in this planet.I learnt at an age of 33 yrs and now I become an expert on Typing. I am very thankful to this site who made easy for typing ability More

  • by Anonymous

    i like this type master because it is cost less thing which we can learn . it is very good technic for typing which is cost less soo i like this !!!

  • by Anonymous

    Not bad. TypingMaster is a good program to learn typing on a keyboard, though the texts are plagued with a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Those texts are not always consistent with spacing and punctuation either, which can be very misleading when typing text and getting error penalties because a hidden space was expected at a strange place. Fortunately there are separate, correct tex More