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Swati Mishra
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Free app to improve typing speed

TypingMaster is a hassle-free, simple, and useful program to improve typing speed on a Windows computer. The software comes with a clean interface and the easy-to-use platform takes a unique approach to improve speed and accuracy, offering a number of lessons and games in an engaging manner. Compared to Sonma Typing Expert, RapidTyping, Tux Typing, and other similar tools, it’s more fun and interactive.

TypingMaster is a learning-based software, which also allows a comprehensive performance analysis. While the typing test can be taken in an Explorer-style window, there’s a simple widget to track progress. It shares detailed information about keystrokes, mistakes, etc. TypingMaster offers constant recommendations and feedback to help improve your typing speed and accuracy. With this tool, you can focus on a number of strengths and weaknesses.

A hassle-free, interactive, and engaging typing test platform

If you’ve been looking for a feature-loaded, interactive, and simple typing test or tutor, TypingMaster is a great choice. The software comes with a range of essential features, which help you improve typing accuracy and speed

The program has a number of accuracy training modules, well-timed tests, and other comprehensive resources. With TypingMaster for Windows, you get various opportunities to improve your typing. While the standard version is free, there’s also a premium version of the program. With a feature called ‘Satellite’, it lets you track typing skills and keystrokes outside the program’s interface.

TypingMaster offers various features, which have been divided into multiple categories. The most useful module of the program comes with numerous practice lessons and tests. These help you build keyboard as well as touch typing skills on the laptop. The tool comes with more than ten hours of lessons. Once you’ve completed the course, you can flaunt your improved typing speed to colleagues or schoolmates.

How TypingMaster improves your typing?

Unlike other similar programs, TypingMaster lets you import data from various typing trainers available online. Therefore, it becomes easier to import a pre-existing or custom profile and start learning through the interactive tools. TypingMaster integrates well with games like Bubbles and WordTris, which offer good practice modules to improve typing skills. In addition to this, you can visit the ‘Training Settings’ section to explore different keyboard layout options.

While this is a simple and basic typing tool, it comes with numerous interactive features for beginners. The program takes a unique approach to help users with learning modules. It comes with a number of timed games, allowing you to learn in an efficient and engaging manner. With TypingMaster, you won't get bored too easily and will focus on learning-based, fun, and useful practice lessons and tests.

While the typing tests are good, the program’s outdated interface could be a deterrent for some users. Having said that, the app serves the intended purpose of helping you improve typing skills. The development team regularly makes updates for improvements, fixes bugs, and adds new features.

Can TypingMaster track your performance?

TypingMaster's free version comes with comprehensive tracking features for a detailed analysis of your typing speed. There’s a dedicated widget, which can be used to track performance while working in the tool’s main window. 

The paid version of TypingMaster tracks your typing even further with an advanced feature called ‘Satellite’.  This feature runs in the background and tracks your typing speed plus accuracy outside the software’s interface.

TypingMaster comes with real-time tracking of mistyped words, capitals, missed characters, etc. This gives you a good idea about the shortcomings in your typing. Although initially, the screen overlay can be a bit intrusive. However, it doesn’t take long to get used to the interface. Additionally, the main window can be quickly minimized without any hassle.

TypingMaster Download takes a visual training approach to improve speed and accuracy. With this program, it gets easier to learn from your mistakes. The program comes with a range of basic exercises, and allows you to intuitively learn multiple typing techniques, including proper finger placement. Last but not least, TypingMaster gives a color-coded display, allowing you to view different aspects of your typing. It analyzes how you use the numeric pad as well.

Is TypingMaster a good choice?

Even though the program’s interface is outdated, it’s a blessing in disguise for beginners. In fact, even experienced typists don't experience any other issues with the software. TypingMaster runs smoothly on all versions of Windows and runs in the background to analyze your mistakes, speed, and accuracy. Since this program has been designed to improve typing on a PC keyboard, it’s not available on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Simply put, using the latest version of the program feels like taking a full-fledged typing course. The software integrates well with multiple games and online tools to help you improve speed and accuracy. Additionally, you get a range of lessons bundled in a single package. 

Since the program gives constant recommendations and feedback, it becomes easier to stay engaged with the lessons. The interactive games keep you interested in the modules, and allow you to solve various issues with your typing. Last but not least, the tool offers a desktop widget, which displays your speed (words per minute) in real-time.

An easy-to-use, useful, and simple typing tool

If you’re slow on the keyboard, TypingMaster is an ideal choice to improve your typing skills. It features multiple interactive games and lessons, and gives a detailed overview of your weaknesses and strengths. 

While there are plenty of typing tools available online, TypingMaster is not only user-friendly but also comes with a range of features that other alternatives do not. 

Supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7.


  • Offers engaging content
  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Supports performance analysis
  • Features multiple practice tests
  • Integrates with other programs


  • Available only for Windows OS
  • Not available for mobile devices

Program available in other languages

User reviews about TypingMaster

  • Prakhar Gupta

    by Prakhar Gupta

    Not that much good. Monkeytype i would recommend instead.

  • MArv

    by MArv

    It is really good.It enhances your typing speed and its very good speaking of the lessons.

  • Abhishek Pandey

    by Abhishek Pandey

    very good much better very good. so, i think it is better for every one who want to start in a beginner level

  • Imran imran

    by Imran imran

    typing master is best computer program to improve our typing speed

  • DEEPAK kumar

    by DEEPAK kumar

    jkj sduhjk kjdksfkj jhkdkds dshujkhdsh v efhhfh ekfdkhkcsifukhefkh jkhfekhh dilhiefshkj

  • alex b.

    by alex b.

    its a good teacher for all freshers....I like it very much...and its a easy app for all new freshers......good app.....good to upgrades from prevous v More


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